Monday, April 28, 2014

Ways to keep on track

Hey everyone thought I would write a quick message about keeping on track to your goals.  I know it can be hard especially when first starting out.  You may find yourself getting distracted or off track, even discouraged at times.  Don't worry everyone goes through this, if it was easy everyone would complete their goals and have nohing to work towards.  Nothing worth while is easy.

Here's what I do, keep your goals infront of you at all times.  I post them on my phone or take pictures of them an revisit them each day.  Write encouraging messages to yourself and post then eerie here you will be able to see them daily to remind you.  When you feel distracted or discouraged try to keep a conscious mind on your thoughts and change them as they come up.  Pump yourself up each day.  Listen to positive upbeat music.  Read your self help books.  Tell yourself each day in the mirror how awesome you are and how happy you are to be reaching your goals and exceeding your limits.  Remember the only limits we have are those we allow ourselves to have.  You can do great things, you are phenomenal.  Have a great day and get out there and rock the world with your success!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My goals and where I'm at

I thought today would be a good day to share my goals and where I'm at today.  A step towards and accountability.  My first goal by the end of June I will be healthier and happier then I ever had been, succeeding in my goal of going from 168lbs to 175lbs fit with lean muscle.  I will also be well on my way as a successful entrepreneur in helping others reach their financial and wellness goals.  I will be making $2,000 residual from my business in the success of helping other reach those goals they have set.  I will also be successful in keeping regular with my posts on my blog as well as reaching out of my comfort zone and doing videos as well.

I look forward to hearing all of your goals as well and connecting with my readers in helping them plan and succeed in their goals as well as have them watching over my shoulder to see me complete and be successful in mine. I am adding to this blog a current picture of myself and my it was level.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What steps are you taking?

Plan to move towards your goal each day.  I like the saying of do one thing that scares you each day and you'll grow farther faster towards your goals then anyone else.  What steps have you taken to move towards your goals?  What do you find is holding you back?

I find working with someone to a common goal really helps.  Or at the least gives you someone to be accountable to.  If you have no one to be accountable to it can make hitting your goals that much harder and seem like more work.  Let everyone know your goals and don't let anyone hold you back.  Proclaim your goal with certainty and strength.  Let those nay Sayers watch you succeed and those that believe in you drive you farther.  You are worth it!  You can accomplish anything!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Positive Thought

Today I feel compelled to write to you all about the power of positive thought. I will start by explaining what it is and how important it is to keep yourself in a positive thought process. Positive thought is simply just what it sounds like it means. Keep your thoughts positive on all your actions and goals. If you are wanting more money in life don't be thinking about it in the way of "I need more money because I am so broke." or "oh I wish I had more money to pay these bills I'm behind on". Use the power of positive thought in a way that you are seeing yourself already having what you want and knowing that you are there already. The steps to get there seem a lot easier to do and take that way, because really if you are already there then the steps to do it are pretty insignificant anyways. It will drive you through to reach your goal in no time.

Positive thought is important because as they say you are and you get what you think. If you think negatively you get negative things in your life. If you think you can't do something you have already created your limit. If you think something is hard you have already made it that way for yourself. If you think you can succeed in something you will. If you believe you are rich you will be. No one can tell you something you don't accept for yourself.

Now to tell you why I felt so compelled to write this to you. Today I have had an experience with positive thought. Now it may seem like a small experience, but I still see it as a great experience. About 6 months ago or so when winter was starting and it was snowing a lot outside I had gone to work as usual. Between going from 1 building I clean to another I had lost my keys. Now these aren't just any keys, they have my car keys on them, my house keys and also the key to a computer tower I had sold that I do a bit of work on from time to time. As well as a few other things on there of importance to me. Today I stepped in to work where a co worker and I have been actively thinking and looking for them for a while and out of no where on the desk near the door is my set of keys just sitting there. Now when I lost them, I never worried too much because I could see myself with them again, I pictured me having them again and finding them. Over and over I had this image in my head. The cool thing was, it wasn't someone at work that had found them, someone I guess had seen them outside in perhaps a building over from us or whatever and had dropped them outside the door right infront of the door. I would assume they probably got pushed into another business parking lot when snow removal was done, but can you imagine the chances of all that happening?

So anyways keep up the positive thought you never know when it could happen for you. It took almost 6 months for me but I am the one sitting here with my keys now. Good luck to you all and I will be sending out positive thoughts to everyone that they may reach their goals this year and see success in leaps and bounds.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Failing isn't a bad thing anymore

In networking we become rich failing more 97% of the time. I like that school haha. So don't worry if you aren't getting a lot of people interested in what you are doing. It's all in the numbers and if you did your plan right, you may have to adjust it by plugging in more numbers. But as long as you don't quit you will always succeed. 

 If things aren't working fast enough for you, educate yourself on things you can do a little differently. I was told by someone who I look up to in the business I work in that the easiest way to learn how to succeed is to go out and fail on 500-1,000 cold calls. It takes any of the fear you may have about failure and being wrong and throws it out the door. Another good tip is to learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes, just remember if you don't quit, there is nothing to stop you from succeeding no matter how hard the road to get there is.

Keep movin forward, educate yourself and work on yourself everyday.  Re visit your goals and you why with what you are doing.  A strong why will bring you through anything.  Never listen to the naysayers, instead show them what is possible by doing what you believe in and making it happen.

Dare to dream, then put that dream into action!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Try something new each day

Write your strengths and weaknesses down and work on them each day. Pick something from the list that you feel you are weak at or could use more experience or even something you are afraid of. Then educate yourself on that weakness and grab your faith and belief in yourself together and work on it each day until you are no longer afraid of it or weak at it. They say it takes 3 weeks of doing the same thing over an over again to make it a habit, so don't get discouraged if you don't succeed right away. Keep at it I know you can do it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Keep it easy

Keep your plan easy. Don't complicate things, the more you complicate the harder it will be to obtain your goals. If you make things really hard then it will be hard on you to keep going and achieving your goals. If you find you are getting stuck a lot maybe take a look at what you are doing and ask yourself if there is an easier way to do what you are doing. Making things easy will help you as well as if you are teaching others to do what you do it will help them believe they themselves can do it too and reach their goals.