Monday, April 28, 2014

Ways to keep on track

Hey everyone thought I would write a quick message about keeping on track to your goals.  I know it can be hard especially when first starting out.  You may find yourself getting distracted or off track, even discouraged at times.  Don't worry everyone goes through this, if it was easy everyone would complete their goals and have nohing to work towards.  Nothing worth while is easy.

Here's what I do, keep your goals infront of you at all times.  I post them on my phone or take pictures of them an revisit them each day.  Write encouraging messages to yourself and post then eerie here you will be able to see them daily to remind you.  When you feel distracted or discouraged try to keep a conscious mind on your thoughts and change them as they come up.  Pump yourself up each day.  Listen to positive upbeat music.  Read your self help books.  Tell yourself each day in the mirror how awesome you are and how happy you are to be reaching your goals and exceeding your limits.  Remember the only limits we have are those we allow ourselves to have.  You can do great things, you are phenomenal.  Have a great day and get out there and rock the world with your success!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My goals and where I'm at

I thought today would be a good day to share my goals and where I'm at today.  A step towards and accountability.  My first goal by the end of June I will be healthier and happier then I ever had been, succeeding in my goal of going from 168lbs to 175lbs fit with lean muscle.  I will also be well on my way as a successful entrepreneur in helping others reach their financial and wellness goals.  I will be making $2,000 residual from my business in the success of helping other reach those goals they have set.  I will also be successful in keeping regular with my posts on my blog as well as reaching out of my comfort zone and doing videos as well.

I look forward to hearing all of your goals as well and connecting with my readers in helping them plan and succeed in their goals as well as have them watching over my shoulder to see me complete and be successful in mine. I am adding to this blog a current picture of myself and my it was level.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What steps are you taking?

Plan to move towards your goal each day.  I like the saying of do one thing that scares you each day and you'll grow farther faster towards your goals then anyone else.  What steps have you taken to move towards your goals?  What do you find is holding you back?

I find working with someone to a common goal really helps.  Or at the least gives you someone to be accountable to.  If you have no one to be accountable to it can make hitting your goals that much harder and seem like more work.  Let everyone know your goals and don't let anyone hold you back.  Proclaim your goal with certainty and strength.  Let those nay Sayers watch you succeed and those that believe in you drive you farther.  You are worth it!  You can accomplish anything!