Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Failing isn't a bad thing anymore

In networking we become rich failing more 97% of the time. I like that school haha. So don't worry if you aren't getting a lot of people interested in what you are doing. It's all in the numbers and if you did your plan right, you may have to adjust it by plugging in more numbers. But as long as you don't quit you will always succeed. 

 If things aren't working fast enough for you, educate yourself on things you can do a little differently. I was told by someone who I look up to in the business I work in that the easiest way to learn how to succeed is to go out and fail on 500-1,000 cold calls. It takes any of the fear you may have about failure and being wrong and throws it out the door. Another good tip is to learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes, just remember if you don't quit, there is nothing to stop you from succeeding no matter how hard the road to get there is.

Keep movin forward, educate yourself and work on yourself everyday.  Re visit your goals and you why with what you are doing.  A strong why will bring you through anything.  Never listen to the naysayers, instead show them what is possible by doing what you believe in and making it happen.

Dare to dream, then put that dream into action!

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